Connecting the world with the power of chemistry Solution Hub Company

What we can do

Serving as a trading company
with a focus on technical proposals, working closely with customers,
identify their issues and solve them with the power of chemistry

Our business domains extend to the automotive, electronics, home electrical appliances, infrastructure, housing, food materials and other sectors.
We are closely connected to our customers in every field of society.

Capitalizing on our expertise in chemical products and the overall strength of the Toyota Tsusho Group,
we provide fine-tuned solutions while working closely with customers and collaborating with suppliers.
These solutions response to a wide range of issues, including research and development,
the procurement of raw materials and components, production and processing, domestic and overseas logistics and sales.

Our support structure
for solving customers’ issues

We are a trading company with a focus on technical proposals. We take advantage of the Toyota Tsusho Group’s domestic and overseas networks and competent personnel to solve the issues facing customers’ businesses.


We offer a range of solutions in the field of chemical products.