Initiatives for Achieving Carbon Neutrality 

Initiatives for Achieving Carbon Neutrality

As a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we act in accordance with its policy on carbon neutrality. In addition, we established the Carbon Neutral Promotion Department in April 2022 to advance our activities and accelerate initiatives for contributing to a shift to a decarbonized society.

This department acts as an organization bridging the Corporate Division and Sales Divisions, aiming to reduce the whole of our GHG emissions from the overall supply chain by the reduction of Scope 3 emissions in the value chain, in cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

Promotion Structure

Initiatives on De-carbonization, Recycling-oriented Business

Same as dealing in non-fossil-derived chemicals, we are working to create a system of recycle with our regarding the products and the row materials that used to be disposed and discarded by the suppliers and customers, as new resources. We are taking this initiative by cooperating in the fields of automotive materials, consumer products, chemicals, and electronics parts and materials, which are our areas of strength.

Meanwhile, we have participated in the GX League Basic Concept developed by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We will continue to reduce our own GHG emissions and work to reduce GHG emissions from the overall supply chain through business activities, thus helping Japan to achieve carbon neutrality.

Initiatives on Carbon Neutral and Recycling Businesses

Import and sales of various types of bio-polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon

Provision of environmentally friendly foaming agents

Provision of recycled solvents

Recycling of automobile shredder residue (ASR)

Promoting the collection of waste tires and waste rubber parts and recycling chemicals and materials

Support for development of materials for fuel cells and lithium batteries

Products derived from natural materials