VISIONSolution Hub Company

We aim to be a trading company focused on technical proposals, working closely with customers in the automotive and
chemical industries to identify their issues
and solve them with the power of chemistry.

business domains

Our business domains extend to automotive, electronics,
home electrical appliances, infrastructure, housing,
food materials and other sectors.
We are closely connected to our customers in every field of society.

Capitalizing on our expertise in chemical products and the overall strength of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we provide fine-tuned solutions while working closely with customers and collaborating with suppliers.
These solutions response to a wide range of issues, including research and development, the procurement of raw materials and components,
production and processing,
domestic and overseas logistics and sales.

Toyotsu Chemiplas’ comprehensive solutions

We engage in joint research and development
with manufacturers into new environmentally friendly products and other chemical materials.
We procure domestic and overseas raw materials and components
for chemical products and stably supply them.
Production and processing
We produce and process chemical products tailored to customers’ needs.
We sell a wide variety of goods,
with a focus on chemical products.

Toyotsu Chemiplas’ strengths

We take advantage of the Toyota Tsusho Group’s domestic and overseas networks
and competent personnel to offer technical proposals that solve issues faced by customers’ businesses.

An extensive lineup of chemical products and advanced expertise

Toyotsu Chemiplas was established by a merger of three trading companies specializing in chemicals with their own areas of specialization. For this reason, the company is characterized by its handling of a large range of products in the chemical field.

In addition, we serve extensive customer markets and have deep knowledge of their fields. We are capable of providing optimal solutions tailored for our customers.

An extensive lineup of chemical products and advanced expertise

Global and local support structures

Making full use of the overseas network of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we have set up bases in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and elsewhere. The whole group has a network that extends to 28 countries, capable of global distribution. This allows us to propose optimal local materials.

In addition, we have established a management system for complying not only with the applicable laws and ordinances in Japan but with different countries’ statutes and regulations regarding chemicals to support customers’ businesses in Japan and beyond.


Technical solutions

To resolve customers’ issues, we propose a range of technical solutions.


Business division introduction

At Toyotsu Chemiplas, four divisions work hand-in-hand to offer various solutions in the field of chemical products.