Fundamental Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We seek infinite potential through open and fair corporate activities
with the goal of being a company that contributes to its employees’ happiness and the sustainable development of society

Management Policy

  • We comply with the letter and the spirit of domestic and international laws as we aspire to be a good corporate citizen trusted by the international community.
  • We give top priority to customer satisfaction and its improvement in carrying out our corporate activities to gain customer confidence.
  • We maintain a global perspective and carry out market cultivation to build ties of harmony and mutual prosperity with everyone through our corporate activities.
  • We untiringly explore innovative technologies to grasp the needs of the times and create new functionality and services.
  • We respect our employees’ personalities and dignity to develop a sound, impartial corporate culture.

Code of conduct


Solution Hub Company

A trading company focused on technical proposals, working closely with customers in the automotive
and chemical industries, to identify their issues and solve them with the power of chemistry.

The Toyota Tsusho Group Way (Toyotsu Group Way)

“Shokon” (A Passion for Business)
The spirit of indomitability Tackle every job with pluck, perseverance, and passion to get things done right The spirit of enterprise Exercise ambition and imagination in anticipating trends, hone your perceptiveness in steering customers to new possibilities, and foster new functions and lines of business
“Genchi, Genbutsu, Genjitsu” (On Site, Hands on, In touch)
Inquiring into the true needs of our customers Step out into the field (On Site), see things for yourself (Hands on), and grasp what is happening to render sound business judgments and to adapt your approach to real-world circumstances (In touch) Putting PDCA* into practice Look beyond the established wisdom in illuminating problems and in tackling improvements, reforms, and transformations as circumstances warrant *Plan, Do, Check, Action!
“Team Power” (Teamwork)
Individual Initiative Set goals for yourself and work autonomously to achieve those goals Bring a sense of professionalism to your work and strive continuously to hone your capabilities Cooperation