We anticipate market changes and help customers solve their issues.

We aim to be a trading company focused on technical proposals that will continue to closely work with customers (Customer Intimacy and Technical Proposals), taking advantage of our strengths in mobility, an area closely related to us as a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group, and in our specialty, chemical products.

In the midst of technical innovation and reform in the industry, we endeavor to resolve customers’ issues to be a Solution Hub Company that works out solutions by combining chemicals and other products in anticipation of market changes.
We aspire to be a company focused on providing strong technical proposals tailored to needs in collaboration with suppliers, to gain customers’ trust.

We are committed to offering optimal proposals based on our experience and expertise nurtured through our work as a trading company specializing in chemical products and on the comprehensive capabilities of the Toyota Tsusho Group.

We appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Toyotsu Chemiplas Co., Ltd. President
佐藤 一範